Assist Weight Loss With Stress Reduction Techniques

Assist Weight Loss With Stress Reduction Techniques Tweet Weight gain is accelerated by poor diet, lack of physical activity and stress. While most people understand the impact of food and exercise when beginning a weight loss program, most dont consider stress as a significant factor. Stress exerts a powerful physiological effect that fuels abdominal fat storage and inflammation throughout the body. Stress Leads to Inflammation and Weight Gain Information published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that higher levels of stress result in more weight gain, and the pounds were more likely to be stored as dangerous belly fat.
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Successful participants can reach a higher level of weight-related health behaviours by the end of the first year, and this predicts the probability of successful weight reduction after 3y. The likelihood of success increases with the number of behavioural areas, which are involved in the process of change. Thus, to achieve a lasting stabilisation of weight, it is usually not sufficient to change one or another single aspect of personal behaviour. It seems to be much more promising if one changes the whole personal life style. The finding that less successful subjects give up behavioural improvements and relapse into old behavioural patterns within the first year indicates that the therapeutic support of weight reduction should be continued for at least 1y.
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Behavioural correlates of successful weight reduction over 3 y. Results from the Lean Habits Study

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